Dawn was great, but sandstorm kicked up again shortly after

I got up at six, the usual time, and snapped this panorama on the way
out of the refectory after breakfast, around seven-ten. Back then, the
air was fresh and clean and almost sweet-smelling, but between eight
and ten, the dust started blowing again, worse at moments than
yesterday’s storm.

Mini Maelstrom

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It’s not a doozy of a dust storm today, just a little one, the kind of atmospheric event that makes folks wearing facemasks look kind of foolish. The wind was coming from the south in the morning but over lunch switched to the north. Boreas, my an… Continue reading

More angry sunsets

I like those rays of dust that emanate from the sun in the first picture.
Best thing about the sunsets down here is that they are so
complicated, with all kinds of different colors and cloud formations.
The second picture I took about 10 minutes after the first.