Dawn was great, but sandstorm kicked up again shortly after

I got up at six, the usual time, and snapped this panorama on the way
out of the refectory after breakfast, around seven-ten. Back then, the
air was fresh and clean and almost sweet-smelling, but between eight
and ten, the dust started blowing again, worse at moments than
yesterday’s storm.

Out once again, chasing the dawn

Another brisk morning, although it’s been getting slightly warmer. Since I moved to the tent, I’ve been on the asleep at 10:30, up at six schedule that everyone inside more or less shares. That plus the cold I’m shaking off has kept me off the piste in the mornings. Instead I get up, wash up, dress, clean off the bike’s brake pads (I used to check the tire inflation too, but with the short valve stem of the current rear tube, it’s a little more difficult to use the gauge), and ride the 400 meters distance to breakfast, then over here to the internet cafe to catch up on whatever emails I’ve received during the night.

I finished JackVance’s “To Live Forever” last night and was dumbfounded by how good it was. I’ll write more about it later.