Michele Bernard, “Poesies Pour Les Enfants” mp3s, eMusic.com

If this is up your alley… kids’ poems in French, played by accordion-wielding lady.

Serge Gainsbourg, “Là-bas C’est Naturel”

Oh boy, finally a real bomb of a song. There’s something about the
Gainsbourg approach, even beyond his French-lover persona, that makes
his music irresistible. This one starts out with a kind of
jungly-rhythm, then the female chorus pops in with the wordless
singing, le-le-le-le-le-le and so on.

 I think what it is about Gainsbourg is his willingness to submit to a
relatively narrow dynamic range, especially in the difference between
the verse and the chorus. It creates a sense of tension in the song,
that matches up with the clippity-cloppity beat and the crazy jungle
sounds. I’m waiting for the song to explode into something that Sly
and the Family Stone would do, and it never does. Fantastic.

Françoiz Breut, ‘L’origine du monde’ for that first cup of stor jente Valentine’s Day coffee

From the Valentine I ought to have sent:

My love, every time I hear this song I feel like waking up. Perhaps it
comes on instead of your seven alarm clocks, and as I rise to make
stor jente caffe, big-girl espresso coffee for your
rising-from-sleep needs, the chorus thrums in my ears and the cats
circle my ankles, jostling for attention or tunafish, I don’t know


Drôleries de google

Searching for Edith Nylon records just now, I came across the following
result in everyone’s favorite search engine:
Votre recherche “Edith Nylon Quatre essais philosophiques” ne
correspond à aucun produit.


Since Edith Nylon is a French punk band from thirty years ago and
quatre essais philosophiques are, well, four philosophical
essays, it’s hard to understand what exactly was being sought
originally, and it’s unclear why exactly this particular conjunction
is preserved for eternity in some search engine’s amber of memory.

Off to movie night, chers internautes.