Jackie Mittoo vs. James Bond theme

Everyone who hears the version of the James Bond theme by (former
Skatalite) Jackie Mittoo & the Soul Brothers probably has the same
fleeting impression that I did just now on hearing it again: wouldn’t
it be great if the movies had the same kind of grungy, two-tone energy
that the recording has?

 Probably not; something has to remain shiny and airbrushed in order
for everyone to have a good comparison to the ordinary run of rusty,
grimy, mildewed, just plain chaotic things. I had some good pictures
of rust out on Staten Island to include with this, but in the search
for them, this one of huitlacoche from El Paisa on Myrtle Ave (right
under the el, oh fond memories of home…) struck my fancy. Buen

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