Maru the most famous cat in Japan gets new digs, peep his blog at

Maru the cat

Maru has moved. His URL is the same as always, but he is living in a new house. To me the most exciting thing about Japan’s most famous cat is not how cute he is (plenty cute), but the interior decoration of his home.

For someone with several cats at home, I’m astonished at how clean and uncluttered Maru’s apartment is. I’ve wondered if he had a filming room with no clutter and no furniture, and if the rest of the apartment behind the camera was full of books, CDs, half-empty tubes of paint and balls of yarn like my mountain cabin here. Maru’s apartment is like the anti-cabin: calm, empty, tranquil.
Now that he’s moving, it’s like Season 2 of a trashy reality show, “Chez Marou,” or whatever. I can’t wait to see the new decor.

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