Reaching a goal

Hooray! This afternoon I reached the 1725 total miles I mentioned last week (actually 1741.87 miles; I couldn’t just stop at 1725 and hitchhike home, you understand).

I’m quite pleased with myself. Having a goal puts everything in perspective: I got my shoes into the clips and straps 68 times in the last four months (plus an uncountable number of times for pure hither-and-thither riding). That’s sixty-eight times (mostly afternoons) I ran out of excuses to go riding. Just doing it more than once is worthwhile (evidence of consistency of effort), and look at me now. This week alone I rode 168 miles (6 x 28 mi).

Speaking of which, I misjudged the wind again today, but this time as I made my first turn onto the back stretch, I realized my mistake. “Oh, that breeze I was feeling was just a crosswind from the north!” Oh well. I shouted out loud that I would beat the wind like a drum, and that’s I guess what I did, treated it like some kind of rototom set.

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