Though not yet spring…

The cold snap seems to have broken for the afternoon, although I can
affirm that it remains frosty under the bed, where the heat from the
wall unit never seems to reach. I have returned from one of those
28-mile bike rides I wrote about earlier, my first one of Year 9.

 As I made my way west to the road that leads up the side of the canyon
and around the back of the airfield, I noticed more than the usual
number of joggers out. I think we are all desperate to enjoy whatever
little touches of better weather come our way.

 The ride wasn’t bad for the wind conditions; when the wind comes from
the southeast like today it feels as if no particular direction has
the wind at my back. When it’s cold (it was still cold, just not
frosty cold), it’s harder to ride faster, a fact-slash-excuse that I
am trying my best to learn by heart.