Best secret-town pic, ever


I am really pleased with this nice blast-wall picture, which I took with my new replacement camera. It’s from secret-town no. 4, where I spent a day before flying out to New Jersey. Yes, soggy and freezing New Jersey. No more unidentified locations for me, or rather, just a couple days before I head over to the city that needs no identification, the archipelago at the mouth of the Hudson.

Busted Hesco

Today’s Hesco snap: this one between the tent area and the street.
Perhaps something crashed into it on the street side.

Blast walls and Hescos

The blast wall, a 15-foot high concrete barrier, shaped like an upside-down letter T, is on the left. Its counterpart, the Hesco barrier, is on the right. A Hesco is a folding metal basket with a paper liner filled with dirt.

The advantage of the Hescos is that you can ship them broken down and fill them where you need them. The blast walls, on the other hand, are more durable and look nicer.

This picture is from right outside the recreation center where I am holed up afternoons to use the internet.

twisty little passages, all alike

Driving through the lodging area tonight, the new person in the car
pipes up, “Do you want me to roll the window down so we can smell the
cheese and get out of here?” It took me a minute to comprehend, but
after that it was a good rich belly laugh.
It looks a lot more mazelike in the dark.