Not chicken cordon bleu, thank heavens

Once again, Indian Bar has come through for me. The big refectory
across the street has been having a specialty bar every day for the
last couple weeks, and I mentioned the last time (two Saturdays ago)
that they had “Indian Bar.” Sounds good, but this week has also
featured Wings Bar (self-explanatory), Filipino Bar (greasy lo mein),
Seafood Bar (pretty yummy gumbo, actually), and Chef’s Specialty Bar
(roast turkey and stuffing). Still, I had heard that the main line was
offering chicken cordon bleu, which is something that wouldn’t be bad
if you made it yourself but which is positively disgusting in an
industrial food-serving setting like here. So I think I lucked out
with the tandoori chicken, rice, dal, vege curry, and rice pudding
shown below.