Fitness goals: December and January

Good news! I made my fitness goals for December! I had planned to
reach 520 miles biking and 95 miles running, and this afternoon I got
to 532 miles biking and 111 miles running. I am feeling quite fit and
accomplished, as this makes three months in a row I’ve reached my
goals, plus I’m at 1500+ bike miles for the last three months, since I
started riding regularly.
As I mentioned yesterday, all the riding and running plays a big part
in keeping me sane. So to focus on sanity, to borrow the title of an
Ornette Coleman head, in January I am hoping to reach 500 miles biking
and 100 miles running. I might have to leave my secret city for a
couple days next month, so I don’t anticipate getting to 600 miles
like I did in November.
Some time next month I should reach 1725 overall miles biking and 370
miles running, which are the cutoff numbers for an award from the
secret-city authorities. I feel pretty good about getting there in
less than four months from the start of keeping track; I started
running back in July but wasn’t recording my distances until October,
when I came up with this goal-setting idea.
The pictures: one is my fixed-wing, of course, in front of a connex,
and the other one is of the route I ride regularly.