‘I want to see the words in between the words, and I want others to understand them.’ -Samantha @ Girls Write Now

I could watch these highlights of the Girls Write Now event last
weekend all day; they just get better and better. Erica’s poem in the
clip below is pretty powerful (“red velvet cupcakes of indifference,”
anyone?), but Samantha speaks with such assurance she just knocks the
whole event onto a different level.

Kittycine, Farkas reel

Hey kids, it’s Farkas cat!

 Check this one out:


 “Are you coat?” at 0:27 has become an instant classic line for me
ever since I first saw the video last week. I love the subtly menacing
monologue. She could do it, too: make a little cat-coat. I saw a guy
named Farkas the other day but hesitated before showing him and his
buddy the video: I didn’t want him to be nicknamed “little cat-coat”
for the rest of the day.