Fifty-nine hours of waiting so far!

I’ve been here at secret village no. 3 waiting for a flight back to
the secret city for nearly three full days, and Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday nights. I went to sleep last night before the overnight
flight schedule was fully updated, so I set the alarm for four a.m. to
see whether an early morning flight had been added (I’d have to be
there for standby roll-call at 6:30 to stay on the list anyway). Good
news! There was a flight, with a couple of standby seats.

 Sadly, by the time I got a couple bowls of cereal to go and brushed my
teeth and walked back to the airport lounge, there was only one seat.
The others had been reassigned to some other, higher priority. Some
other guy who’d been waiting a little longer than me got that one, and
now I am first on the list.

 I gots to get a reservation out of here. This waking up at all hours
and waiting for seats that never open up is getting old. At least when
I called the office this morning to share the bad news they said that
they missed me, too.

 While I wait, here’s a Hanne Hukkelberg
video you can watch. I just discovered this one and it has all those
good Hanne tics you remember from her two albums: