Serena Williams, indomitable force of sports

Yesterday I had the chance to watch the women’s final of the
Australian Open, which compared to the second men’s semifinal, which lasted five hours, felt like a
highlight reel of awesome women’s tennis. Dinara Safina is some player
herself, with a strong serve, but she looked completely overmatched
against Serena Williams.

Let me share with you the lesson I learned watching Serena. It is
this: I could see her motivation and will to win in every part of her
comportment. She looked completely focused on the task of beating
Dinara. Whether you’re a huge tennis fan or not, the game shows off
its participants as individuals, and therefore watching elite tennis
is a great way to see the highest level of accomplishment in sports.

Watching Serena thwacking the ball around, I’m reminded of my own
motivated accomplishments on the bicycle, especially last week back at
the secret city. I can see in Serena the same feelings of
complete focus and complete devotion to the task that I try to nurture
in myself. It’s a great way to reinforce that kind of self-motivation,
seeing it reflected in someone who is performing at the top of her
game, who in her concentration and devotion to the pursuit of victory
anthropomorphizes the indomitable forces of nature. Just as the moon
will continue to orbit the earth, Serena will beat Dinara. What would
stop her? Question inutile, mes vieux.

Third point of the last set, where Serena on her second serve sliced
the ball on top of the center line and tailing away from Dinara, who
had no opportunity whatsoever to set up for any kind of return. What
guts it takes to hit a serve like that on second serve!